Sitting with my aunts in the finished attic room of one of my childhood homes, at the tender age of four, I first learned how to create little paper chairs to furnish my cardboard dollhouse. In taking a simple white sheet of paper and bringing it to life with a few cuts and folds, I realized my love for creating & design.

On family outings to Vancouver’s Stanley Park, where hawkers sold their paintings sprawled out on the grass and sidewalk, I would innocently insist (to the mild chagrin of the adults in my life) that I wanted to be one of them when I grew up; I wanted to be an artist.

Over the years, my path turned towards technology. I received my Bachelor of Science in IT, and worked in the industry for some time before realizing that I could do more to merge my childhood dream with my technical skills.

Now based in my birth city of Calgary, my simple white sheet of paper often begins as a digital one, and my art is made up of a collaboration of my skills, ideas, and the visions of those who entrust me to bring them to life. Whether we’ll be building brands, crafting tiny paper furniture, or making anything in between on screen or in hand, I thank you for your consideration.

Now, enough about me...